September 21, 2020
  • Pork

    Green Onion and Smoked Gouda Sausage

    We tasted this at our local farmers market and for what he was charging we thought we could make our own. Here is the recipe made last night and we think it is O-Soo Good [...]
  • Appetizers

    Catfish Bites

    You can get catfish almost anywhere, but when you catch it and cook it yourself it’s always better. These Catfish Bites are not only Good, they are O-Soo Good. Try it yourself and let us [...]
  • Appetizers

    Fire Crackers

    Here in New Orleans we try to add flavor to everything, even simple things like saltine crackers. When you taste it you may say that not hot, but wait… a small hot train will catch [...]
  • Appetizers

    Bayou Roll

    Here in South Louisiana, we are always trying different recipes, changing them by adding a little of this and some more of that, hoping to create a new dish, well I think we have succeeded. [...]