January 27, 2022
  • Breakfast

    Blueberry Cinnamon Ring

    Made with refrigerated biscuits and frozen blueberries – this simple crazy little ring is so tasty you will need to make it yourself! […]

  • Breakfast

    Country Sausage Gravy

    There are many different recipes out there for a simple gravy, but here is one I found that take the guess work out of the equation. This is for you C3 Ingredients 4 Tbsp Butter [...]
  • Appetizers

    Crab Salad

    Seafood Salad made with imitation crab. I have tried many but this is the best one. […]

  • Appetizers

    Ba’Corn Fritters

    This recipe came from Facebook but we here in New Orleans needed to tweak it a little.Rather than using frozen corn, we use the corn left over from a seafood boil.  This one change adds [...]

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