March 29, 2023
  • Breakfast

    Banana Nut Muffins

    Simple and easy, that’s what I like. When you have extra banana’s you can either toss them or bake these. […]

  • Misc

    Mushroom Risotto

    If you have the time, your guest will enjoy. You can add many different ingredients to make it your own. […]

  • Entrees

    Mushroom and Leek Pasta

    This is a recipe we saw on YouTube from Gordon Ramsay’s 10 minute meals. This is a dish we tried a few times and will continue using it. It is also a great meal for [...]
  • Bread

    Outrageous Garlic Bread

    Everyone on New Orleans loves Garlic bread and this one ir Outrageous! The pop of Lemon, the smooth garlic taste, you need to try this one soon. […]

Favorite Items

Mango Salsa

This recipe is a great stand alone salsa, but with the addition of julienned cucumbers and sliced avocados you have the makings of a Tuna Poke topping. […]

Favorite Items

Green Onion and Smoked Gouda Sausage

We tasted this at our local farmers market and for what he was charging we thought we could make our own. Here is the recipe made last night and we think it is O-Soo Good […]