Crawfish Bisque

Serves: 6 (serving size 1 1/4 cups)

Time: Acive 30 min | Total 40 min

Difficulty: Medium

Notes: We in South Louisiana cannot use unseasoned crawfish, so after we drain the crawfish we sprinkle them with seasoned salt. This adds a little more flavor to the dish.

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Crabmeat Soup

This soup screams New Orleans. When you make the soup don’t cut corners. Use the real stuff. Butter, lump crab meat. I would like to say it’s health, but is is a New Orleans created […]

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Chive Mushroom Soup for Two

Serves: 2

Time: 10

Difficulty: Easy

Notes: I usually double the recipe for dinner. When I make it, I quadruple the recipe,fake rolex it’s good to have leftovers.

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